BABY OIL [09-APR-2022 - 13-MAY-2022]

The show weaves a smooth yet energetic ambience from the work of two young artists, a photographer that purposefully runs over accepted techniques or barriers [Passadore] and a stage musician who recently channeled her creative output into sculpture, ceramics and drawings [Ballesteros].

Half of the selection rattles unapologetically with quirky ceramic creatures arranged in an altar to urban youth subculture while the rest of the space is clad in colorful light-catching photographs that re-purpose the exquisite serenity petrified in ancient roman sculptures. What ties both things together in balance? Well... Baby Oil. Yes. Baby Oil.



PDF for the show's available works in THIS LINK.

Open to the public;
Feb 9-13; 19:30-23:30.

By appointment only;

Feb 14-Mar 23, 2022


IG: @galeriafuriosa

[ Durango 266 ]