[Cosmic Technologies for the Visual Introspection Systems]

Five of FURIOSA's most potent artists have come together to celebrate its three year anniversary with a gallery directed project aimed at building its most avant-garde proposal yet, CTVIS; dropping at Zona MACO 2024.

The CDMX based roster have studied/extracted/processed/created material registries of their experience as residents of this creative capital in a collaborative world-recreating intention the product of which will be deployed in three exhibitions:

Feb 7-11 // ops hours @ https://zsonamaco.com

Feb 8-10 // ops hours TBD

Feb 6-10 // ops hours TBD

++ FURIOSA will also be "dressing" LooLoo Studio, the leading space in CDMX's electronic music scene ++ for maximum cultural impact ++


] Alejandro Galván [

drew the soul of our streets

+ cd nezahualcóyotl +

] Ángela Leyva [

experimented with the complexities of beauty

+ san miguel chapultepec +

] Bastián Silvestre [

dissected the city's skin

+ la habana +

] Charlie Nesi [

constructed introspective infrastructure

+ new york +

] Sol Bailey Barker [

hatched the free urban spirit

+ london +

++ more information about CTVIS will be available after the drop ++