UNCONSCIOUS REFLECTIONS ON FANTASY // Sol Bailey Barker, Angela Leyva, Michele Lorusso. (October 13 - November 30, 2021).

The exhibit shows work from three contemporary artists who have produced sculptures, paintings and material interventions to play along with each other in an effort to taunt the visitor’s primal conception of the concept of material existence in life.

Weaving around visual cues that take us to ideas such as the perception of the individual self, the collective unconscious and the understanding of fantasy as a part of the human condition, the group of works communicate with each other through a shared space that hints at ecosystem balance in a dual moment.

Sol presents us with a world where the repeated living form are trees of life, all seemingly a world of their own and unaware of the equals that surround them, yet majestic in their own distinct nature. Angela brings us to a place closeby where the human shape is somewhat different to what we know, but it can still look at us very humanly, even without eyes. Michele aids the spectator all along the way, showing that experience is all but a reflection of phenomena, filtered by the tarnish of sensorial perception.

The gallery space has been adjusted to resemble an interconnected world of fantasy where we can walk around to reflect consciously on these ideas while we let our minds flow naturally around the beauty of the works of art themselves.

[curational text by Franz Amazzuto, 10-10-2021].


Street bios:

  • Bailey Barker, Sol (londoner, c.s. in Colonía Guerrero, CDMX).

  • Leyva, Angela (chilanga, c.s. in Colonía San Miguel Chapultepec, CDMX).

  • Lorusso, Michele (tapatió, c.s. in Colonía Santa María La Ribera, CDMX).

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